posted October 15th, 2018, 12:00 pm

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October 18th, 2019, 1:16 pm


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October 15th, 2018, 11:54 pm



That is soooo cuute

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October 16th, 2018, 1:18 am

TJS (Guest)

I remember reading awhile back that this would be the last arc of Hinata for awhile. Then you would focus on Ashes (I think). If so, I have read through this 3 times. One of the best out there. How you come up with this stuff is just amazing. The people in Hinata-Land have perfect bodies, comedy, the feels, everything. Just a neat story. I am still in awe of how you are going through school to be an eye doctor (of some type) and still have time to do this for us (the readers). And for yourself since you haven't asked for $, or published it all over the net like most writers/artists, you seem to enjoy it yourself. Don't know how you find time for it all. Hopefully I am wrong and there is another arc to this, or many more. I have read it through 3 times. I love it. Thanks so much. If I am wrong on any of this, please keep compliments, and disregard the rest. A+++ 10/10. I really enjoyed this so far. Would like to see many more of Hinata's powers. Amazing!!! Thank You ...

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October 16th, 2018, 10:12 am


@TJS, Thanks

Thank you very much for your readership. It is high praise for me whenever I hear that someone has enjoyed my work enough to reread it. Rest assured, there are many more arcs of the story I am planning ahead and although, way back when, I decided that I would spend a little more time on other titles, I have grown quite attached to this one. So I plan to keep working on it. The new arc is being written right now and you can expect either no break at all or just a short time in between the end of this chapter and the start of the next.

That being said, hold on to your pants, cause this chapter isn't over yet!

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October 16th, 2018, 11:21 pm


The story is great. The quality is great. The speed of which you post these simply boggles my mind.

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October 18th, 2018, 11:47 am

TJS (Guest)

I appreciate that you replied to a 2nd comment that I wrote even being a guest and not a member. Thank you. I read a lot of stories and this is for sure one of my top 5. The part where Hinata is willing to sacrifice herself for her friend had tears in my eyes. Awesome storytelling and drawing. The way you draw has the characters perfect bodies and backstories as well. Not Fanservice, just well done and in good taste. I am probably twice as old as you. (semi retired) So, have lots of time to read others works. You most likely have a very diverse fan base. I think I have actually re-read it 3 times now, and certain parts more. It is such an interesting and fun read. How you have time to go to school to be a Doctor and do this and other projects must be rough. A lot of passion in your work. It shows. Nothing but praise from me. I found you on the Webtoons mess awhile back, and glad I have the direct source I can go to now. I was a click away from sending him Patron $. Glad I didn't. I do think this would be a good hardback book in the future though when completed. Just a thought. Would like to give my kids a copy. Anyway. I am glad to hear that this isn't the last arc in the series. And from what I can tell from your rant in a posting you did awhile back, you were not concerned if 5000 people read it, or 1.2mil read it. It was for "you". I liked the way the put it. Its yours, and you will do it your way, without anyone's donations. It was never about the money. Not many authors like that these days. Sounds like you enjoy your work. Please keep it up for as long as you can and don't burn yourself out. Take some breaks when needed. This probably should be a personal message, but probably many would agree. At least many of the older readers on here. Thanks again for the wonderful story. I give it an 11/10 and A+++. The story and art has improved over time as well. You have earned my respect as a writer/artist/and one day Doctor (eye surgeon if I remember right). Thank you. I hope to see much more of Hinata and her adventures. Just had to drop a note to say how much I appreciate the hard work you put into this. Please take some breaks and don't burn yourself out doing too much. I would like you to continue even after you get to working on patients. Even a little here and there. Your work as a writer is well done enough to make me get a laugh and shed a tear between pages at times when I need them. Thanks again. Tom / TJS

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